Round 2...

Contrary to all expectation, that action adventure short story I wrote about a war veteran and a hiking trip for the NYC Midnight competition has got me through to the next round! My new prompts are fantasy/a loan/an introvert. 2000 words in three days. How hard can it be?????

NYC Midnight short story challenge

So I got my action/adventure-a hiking trip-a war veteran short story in on time. It’s about an assassin with PTSD whose mission in the Swiss Alps goes pearshaped. I doubt it’ll take me through to the next round, but it was fun to do. Read it here, (but not if you don’t like strong language - it is a bit sweary!).

Short story challenge

So some time late last year, possibly in the autumn, I signed up to a short story writing challenge. Once registered, I duly forgot all about it, until yesterday morning when an email popped into my inbox with the details.

All contestants have been randomly assigned a genre, a theme and a character. We have eight days to write and submit a short story with a maximum of 2500 words.

Since I’ve spent forty-eight hours faffing, I now have only six days in which to come up and write an action adventure story about a hiking trip and a war veteran. Not quite the M&B romances nor the People’s Friend stories I’m used to, but it’s good to be forced out of one’s comfort zone, right?!

The play wot I haven't quite written yet

Month 4 of the play-writing course that I’ve signed up to, and homework is to write a pitch for a play. Yikes. The vague idea I have of what I’d like to write involves a couple celebrating their engagement after a whirlwind romance. It’s a meet-the-parents sort of drinks thing that gradually unravels as family secrets are revealed. Hopefully it’ll be a bit funny, a bit excruciating and not at all shouty…


I heard on December 31st that I’d sold another short story to The People’s Friend which was fab news to end the year on! That makes it four now (I’m soooo sloooowwww).

I love writing short stories. It’s great to have to write sparingly and make each word count and it’s fun to experiment with different ideas, persons and tenses. To date, my novels have been written in the third person past. My latest short story, The Family Business, is written in the first person present. It’s about a woman looking for a new job who, after two failed job interviews, decides to take an alternative approach. Sneaky!